• Nelle and the Willow

On days especially cold and grey,
you might just wish you were far away.
Yet you don't need a plane, a train or a car,
when your imagination can take you so far.
Nelle's happy place seems way out of sight,
but her mind is changed on this one special night.
You can find out how, if you have the time,
to come with Nelle on adventures that rhyme.

Författare: Cecee Rowland-Huss
Illustratör: Andreas Huss
ISBN: 9789178855421
Bandtyp: Hårdinbunden med 32 sidor
Provläsning: Nelle and the Willow
Passar åldern: 3–6 år

Pressmaterial omslagsbild: 9789178855421
Pressmaterial författarbild:
Cecee Rowland-Huss

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Nelle and the Willow

  • Artikelnummer: 9789178855421
  • Lagersaldo: I lager
  • 129.00 kr

  • Exkl moms: 121.70 kr

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